Compact constructed stations

Safety devices with automatic shut-off function

The electro-pneumatically controlled safety shut-off devices conform to DIN EN ISO 23553-1 (DIN EN 264). The safety shut-off devices correspond to the common specifications, the DGRL 97/23/EG, AD datasheets, DIN (ASTM) standards.

Corresponding to the specifications of Pressure Device Directive 97/23/EC, AD 2000 data sheets, DIN EN 161 Valve Group 2, Valve Class A and DIN (ASME) standards.

Production series for oil / Nominal diameter

  • ASS / ZAK DN 25
  • ASV-P/MKA DN 15, 20, 25

Production series for gas / Nominal diameter

  • GSV-GASSKO DN 100, 125, 150
  • GASSKO DN 200

Use example

ASS-ZAK compact system - burner station: DN25 PN40.

ASS and ZAK production series

A compact production design is achieved by arranging the valves face-to-face in a casing. Further advantages:

  • Bigger KV (CV) values through favourable flow
  • Safety against return pressure
  • No thermally conditioned over-pressure in system
  • Adjustable blow-out steam volume
  • Cooling steam bypass, tightly sealed

ASV-P/MKA production series

Safety quick shut-off valve combination for oil, atomizer and blow-out steam. The most compact valve combination that is possible.

GSV-GASSKO und GASSKO production series

As compared to the traditional arrangement of a valve series consisting of manual shut-off, dirt trap and valve combination, the installation space required by the mentioned production series is considerably less. The versatile connection options of the Casings enable the most different connection possibilities.