Production Range


  • Electro-pneumatically actuated safety quick-closing valves
  • Electro-hydraulically actuated safety quick-closing valves
  • Own-medium controlled safety quick-closing valves
  • Safety quick-closing valves for gas turbines
  • Control valves for oil-/gas firing plants
  • Dirt traps
  • Hand valves – special design for oil/gas
  • SAV valves for glycol in plants for gas drying
  • Special valves for extreme operating conditions
  • Elektro-pneumatic burner process device for oil burner lances
  • Elektro-pneumatic burner process device for ignition burner lances
  • Elektro-pneumatic burner process device for drum gate valve
  • Complete valve stations for oil-/gas firing plants

Albrecht-Automatik valves

are manufactured according to the Guidelines of the European Parliament.

Use example

Burner station DN250/200 for a thermal power plant.

Quality management & environment protection

Valves produced by Albrecht-Automatik that are in use for decades are also repaired and retro-fitted with spare parts. This results in reduced material expenditure as compared to manufacturing, which in turn is environment-friendly.

Our valves are type approved.

Very high quality standards – for each detail. Before delivery, each valve is subjected to an internal and external leakage check according to DIN 3230, a pressure check according to DIN EN 13480-5 Chapter 9.3.3 and a function check on our test bench. The tests are conducted by our trained staff.

Valve stations are subjected to a leakage check and pressure check, if the customer makes such a request. Material products for parts under pressure according to DIN EN 10204-3.1 are standard.

Additionally, tests according to your wishes or by external acceptance test performing companies can be conducted at our company.

To be able to guarantee uniform quality of the valves, a flow-pattern or KV value can be determined on our test bench according to DIN EN 60534-2-3.


Naturally active. We are fully committed to environment protection. We recycle consumed thinner in our distillation plants.
This enables resource conservation and reduces solvent waste substantially.