Shut-off valves for oil

Shut-off valves for oil – certified safety for people, environment and plant

Protect your workforce, your plant and the environment from costly damage and unplanned downtime with safety quick-closing shut-off valves for oil from Albrecht-Automatik. Rely on the reliable protection of our safety valves and trust in the professional quality of products and services from our company.

Our service to you goes beyond the manufacture of certified quick-closing shut-off valves for oil and individual compact systems. At Albrecht-Automatik, you get customized advice and professional service for all aspects of safety equipment in your plant.

Oils place special demands on quick-closing shut-off valves

Oils are used thousands of times a day in industry. In the process, released hazardous substances can lead not only to property damage at your plant, but also to health hazards for your employees. In addition, even small quantities of escaping oils can pollute water and soil. For these reasons, highly reliable quick-acting shut-off valves are an essential part of keeping your facility safe.

Our safety quick-closing valves for oil are type-tested, certified and have all the necessary approvals and material certificates.

Do not compromise on safety and trust in quick-closing valves and compact systems Made in Germany.

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we will be happy to advise you in detail! Or use the contact form. Our experts for shut-off valves for oil will be happy to provide you with a customized offer for your system.

How shut-off valves for oil work

Instantaneous trip time under all conditions is essential for maximum safety of your plant. Our quick-closing shut-off valves for oil are designed to close by spring force in less than one second in the event of an auxiliary power failure, and within five seconds in the control function.

Thanks to Fire-Safe approval, they also shut off reliably and quickly in the event of fire.

Shut-off valves are suitable for these oils

Petroleum is a liquid mixture of different hydrocarbons, the mixture of which varies depending on the deposit. Different processes are used to further process the intended petroleum products. The most common processing method is distillation. This is the thermal separation of the crude oil into its components. Evaporation and condensation are used to produce the various oils, which differ in their boiling temperature and viscosity. The classification of fuel oil is EL (extra light), M (medium) and S (heavy) and are defined in DIN 51603.

We manufacture safety quick-closing shut-off valves for the following oils:

Shut-off valves for heating oil EL (extra light) according to DIN 51603-1

EL heating oil – also known as standard heating oil – is chemically identical to diesel and is colored red to distinguish it for tax reasons. It belongs to the group of middle distillates, has a flash point from 55 degrees Celsius and can be burned without preheating in furnaces, central heating and industrial firing systems.

Shut-off valves for heating oil M (medium) according to DIN 51603

Heating oil M occurs only rarely in comparison to heating oil EL and heating oil S. If it is used, it is mainly in industrial power plants or in cargo ship traffic.

Shut-off valves for fuel oil S (heavy) according to DIN 51603-3

Fuel oil S – also known as heavy fuel oil – is mainly used in industrial power plants, for power generation in electricity plants and for district heating. Because it is very viscous, it must be heated to a temperature of 60 to 100 degrees Celsius for transportation through pipelines and combustion.

Shut-off valves for oils not subject to DIN 51603

Your operating fluid is not listed?

Call us, we will be happy to advise you in detail! Or use the contact form. Our experts for shut-off valves for oil will be happy to provide you with a customized offer for your system.

Shut-off valves Made in Germany and in use for you worldwide

With our safety quick-closing shut-off valves and compact systems, we have stood for certified plant safety since 1958. Our strength is the in-house design and individual construction of valves in compact design for industrial and power plants. With shut-off valves from Albrecht-Automatik you decide for highest safety, sustainability and professional quality.

Safety devices with automatic shut-off function

The function and working of the safety shut-off valves is conceived such that dangerous operating conditions are avoided and the system is protected. If the auxiliary power fails, the safety quick shut-off valves are closed by the spring force. Closing time: within 1 second / in control function, within 5 seconds.

Use area: Fuel oil EL, M, S and oils not according to DIN 51603. Other oils on request. Further Specifications you get in the new production program catalogue.

Production series / Nominal diameter

  • ASV DN 15, 20, 25
  • KVAZ DN 32, 40, 50
  • KVAZ for high pressure DN 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, 50

Accessories / Nominal diameter

  • Dirt trap also for high pressure DN 15 to 50

Design example

Valve combination consisting of KVAZ-KVAZ/S and venting valve ASV/O in corner design with 3/2-way solenoid valves (redundancy) and micro limit switches for “Open” and “Closed” position, wiring in terminal box.

Use example

Valve Station DN50 for liquid fuels. Oil-side with volume measurement and start control air-steam changeover as atomizer medium.